Landlords, are you:

Overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it takes to manage your property and problem tenants?

Suffering financial stress due to maintenance costs?

Keen to ensure guaranteed rent with no voids?

Wanting a friendly face you can contact whenever you need to discuss issues?

Wanting to get the same returns without the hassle of doing all the work yourself?

Wasting valuable personal time traveling to your property to fix all the problems?

Thinking of relocating but worrying about management of your property?


Property doesn’t have to be stressfull!

Let us do this for you and take the stress, hassle and financial worries away. Is your managing agent charging you a small fortune, but still contacting you to make decisions? You can have a hands free property and get a guaranteed rent each month with no worries. We can guarantee this for three to five years to suit your situation. We free up your time and help you let your property easily and profitably.

This is what our clients say:

“I have been fortunate enough to have had a very successful working relationship with Mr Richard Bowyer for just over nine years and have always found him to be positive and proactive in his role as a landlord.   He is very easy to work with, is approachable and a likeable business man.  He resolves problems systematically and is methodical in his approach towards dealing with contractors and other working associates.  He takes his responsibilities seriously and is an experienced and shrewd investor.”

Shiela H.

Whether you live in Andover, London or elsewhere in the UK or overseas, we can offer a bespoke and professional service to suit your requirements. We are looking for properties in London and Andover; any kind of property will be considered.

Our Fully Managed service is ideal for property owners that require a comprehensive, hands off service. We look after the property and guests on your behalf.

We are looking for most types of property from a 1 bed flat to a 3-bedroom house to a block of flats. Parking is optional, gardens are optional and the property does not need to be in a good decorative condition as we can agree to refurbish the property to bring it up to our standards. If you are unsure, then please contact us and we can discuss options with you.

After visiting your property, we can normally make you an offer within 24 hours! Our offer to you will be based on market conditions in your area. The price that we agree that day will be the price we pay for the duration of the contract, regardless of what happens to the market or if the property is vacant.

Whether you have just one rental property or multiple properties, you can now enjoy all the benefits of property rental but without the usual tenant problems, emergency call outs, legal compliance etc.

No Fees, No Tenant Problems and No Emergency Call Outs and NO VOIDS.

The benefits to you if you work with us:

  • You receive guaranteed rent every month for the duration of the agreement whether property is occupied or not.
  • No rent arrears.
  • No AST’s (Assured Short hold Tenancies) to manage.
  • We will often refurbish the property.
  • No void periods to worry about.
  • We will provide new furniture & new beds and dress the property to a high standard.
  • Free minor repairs.
  • No Hassle, completely passive income for you.
  • You will continue to benefit from the capital growth.


We effectively become your tenant – and you enjoy guaranteed rent from day one. Our usual agreement period is three to five years, giving you peace of mind.

If you are interested in getting a regular, guaranteed income from your property, contact us. We will be in touch to assess if we can offer you a relaxed, hassle free future with your property.

As you can see from the photos we renovate to a high standard, dress the property and maintain it so you have nothing to worry about and can receive an income while you move into your dream house.

If you are interested in listing your property with us, please fill out the form below and we will give you a call back.

Thinking of selling? Let us offer you an alternative.

Maybe you have your property already on the market? Is it selling? No? Are you still paying council tax on it? Are you going to have to consider reducing the price? Getting desperate? We can help. Keep the property and get a guaranteed rent every month.

Contact Us now for an alternative to selling and to take the first step to getting a guarantee of rent for the next three to five years. It’s simple get all your bills covered and enjoy the passive income!

Beautiful Flat in Hammersmith – Sleeps 6




                      If you introduce us to a property through a landlord or an agent and we subsequently take on that property, we will pay you a finder’s fee of £250.

                      If you have any other questions that are not covered here, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on the contact page or call the number at the bottom of this page.

                      We will usually use a management contract with the landlord or agent depending on what is agreed.

                      We can organise this for you.

                      We will either let the property to a single client or on a room by room basis either to long term tenants on an AST or on a short term basis. Regardless of the arrangement you will still get paid the agreed amount monthly.

                      Yes. But you would need to terminate your current contract and ensure the property is vacant otherwise you could be subject to extra fees from your current agent. If you are currently in an agreement with an estate or letting agent, you can either wait until that contract runs out or ask them to deal direct with us.

                      Yes but if you are currently letting it you should be doing that already. They should be kept informed about whether you are letting the property on an AST or a short term let basis.

                      Hopefully this won’t happen as you will be happy with our hassle free service but if it does we will agree a term in order to rehouse our guests/clients. A percentage of our upfront costs to get the property up to standard may be payable depending on what work was carried out. This will all be articulated in the management agreement we have with you or your agent. We will also have a six month trial period for long term lets and two months for short term lets.

                      None. We will run everything for you. If you wish to see the property at any time, then 24 hours’ notice is required to give the tenants notice.

                      It is very unusual for a property to get damaged but if it does we will repair it to a high standard. The professional tenants are reference checked and credit checked. They will have a direct debit set up for the rental payment each month so it is unlikely they will not pay. If they do not pay that is our problem as we have guaranteed the rent to you and you will automatically get paid.

                      This is a myth based on poor press coverage of bad landlords, renting properties out to multiple tenants, who are not referenced or managed correctly. We provide accommodation for Corporate Clients and professional tenants or guests. If anything the property will get less wear and tear as the majority of our clients will only be there in the evenings and not at weekends. We have cleaners attending to our properties every 2 weeks and every time a guest changes over.

                      Yes, we would. If you would like us to have a look at your portfolio, please get in contact on the contact us page.

                      None. You get the full agreed rent every month.

                      We will set up a direct debit, monthly, to your bank account so there is nothing for you to worry about except watch your bank balance rise.

                      Ideally we would not pay a deposit but would sign a guarantee that the property would be returned in the same or better state. If the deposit is an issue this can be negotiated.

                      Timings would be agreed to suit your circumstances. Once we have visited the property we would give you an offer there and then. We could then ideally start tenanting it within a week depending on what work is required to bring it up to our high standard.

                      We will take furnished, part furnished or unfurnished properties. We will do an assessment on what will be required as we have a high standard to maintain.

                      We are looking for:
                      Flats in London near a tube station
                      3 or more bed residential properties in Andover with at least one reception room. Condition isn’t important as we will bring it up to standard if required.
                      Commercial properties for development in South of England.

                      We are currently looking for properties in Andover and London

                      We have a deal analyzer which takes into account all the monthly running costs and refurbishment costs.  You can get an idea of how much rent you are currently making each month by using our on line calculator on the landlord page.  We will use a similar tool before we make you an offer.