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Are you an estate or letting agent? Do you have properties that you are struggling to let?

We can help!

We are finding many landlords are getting tired and see the only option as selling up. Ask them to consider an alternative!


A lump sum in the bank might earn them 1% interest if they are lucky. In reality that lump sum will reduce in value, they will also lose the benefit of very low interest rates on the mortgage and will no longer see any capital growth on their property.


We can help your clients and allow them to keep their property and with our guaranteed rent scheme allow them to receive an income every month.  They will have their mortgage and bills covered and no longer have the financial stress.



The advantage to you is that you will keep any agreement you have with your client. As an agent you could retain any management agreement you have with the landlord and therefore your fees. We will use our management agreement between us and the landlord. The monthly rent could be paid to you as the agent or direct to the landlord. We are looking for a win-win solution as we want to work with you as you will be a source of property for us to grow our business.We are working with a number of agents – maybe we can also work with you?  There are many benefits of working with us:

  • Good ethical working practice
  • Registered with the property ombudsman
  • Respect for your property
  • Reliability
  • Desire to find win-win solutions

Contact us today.