Are you struggling to sell your property?  Do you need to move quickly? Have you just inherited a property?  Are you potentially going to be repossessed? We have a solution for all options to ensure you can achieve what you want to do.

We could rent your property from you covering all your bills and maintenance or we could buy your property now or in the future at an agreed value. We can clear your debts or cover your bills to give you peace of mind that you are not going to get into financial difficulty.  We can help you with your dream of upscaling to a larger house without the pressure of having to sell your property first or being stuck in a chain.  Perhaps you are downgrading to a smaller property and have found that dream home but can’t sell your old home – we can help.

We aim to come up with a solution with you to ensure all parties come away with a win -win solution.

If you are looking to sell your portfolio we have a huge network of investors that could help and can reduce your tax bill by structuring it over a number of years.  Contact us to discuss how we could help with any of your property issues.